Way too much sugar and bread this weekend. Waaaayyyy too much. So, donuts and coffee and a pastry for breakfast -______-

Btw, it’s so damn hard to find vegan hiking shoes that aren’t ugly as hell.

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Getting excited/terrified about moving so soon. Three weeks and my life will be completely different. Excited for new possibilities and opportunities, making new friends and meeting cute boys and getting some fantastic job. Also terrified because I know it will be a lonely process like every other time I’ve moved and retreating into myself into something I’ve done in awhile but it’s always good for my confidence and understanding my self-worth. Time to go home from this wonderful weekend and soak up all my loving family and friends, spend money on things I shouldn’t, pump out as much art as possible, probably quit my job two weeks earlier than planned and go to the beach and up North and shitty festivals and get a tattoo and convince myself that I shouldn’t be in love.

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So many cute boys in this city. What to do what to do

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Seattle so far:

Applied to 2893472983749823 places today, wore the wrong shoes so obtained about 6 blisters on each foot, met a few great people, was the third wheel most of the day (cool), and forgot that I had homework so that’s going to be my next few hours. My friend is driving into town tonight and I haven’t seen him in years, so that’ll be great.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to go to the Capitol Hill Block Party but drinking is stupid and it’s 60 dollars for 2 bands I know. I will probably hang out with Spence and roam the city to see what I couldn’t today.

Sunday I’m spending the day with a friend then packing my butt up for shipping out on Monday. Woooo~

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