Finally understanding where my life is going, guys, and it feels great! After about two months of limbo and spending too much money to compensate my emotions and gaining weight from beer and vegan pastries and ignoring my craft and being stressed for almost no reason, I think I am out of my slump. I just spent the weekend at home for the first time in over a month, saw my friends that I’ve missed so dearly and spent necessary time with my mom, sister and niece. I just did an hour long yoga session and have the rest of the night to shower, relax with my beautiful cat and read/draw. Tomorrow, I’m seeing an apartment that if I love, will become my first place all by myself and I think this is the step I need to take to get my life back on track. It will be really expensive, forcing me to follow a strict budget again and take control of my money. On top of that, I’ll be close to work and working more and harder, living on my own will actually force me to be cleaner and take more pride in my physical appearance again. Not to mention, the place is really close to my boyfriend’s so I think it will bring us closer and I will finally be able to have him over. I feel really great about a (kind of) new chapter that is starting tomorrow for me. I feel relaxed and clear-headed for the first time since late August. Tomorrow I am waking up very early to drive two hours, work for ten, then carve pumpkins with my best friends and stay with my boyfriend later. That sounds like such a great, long, fun, hard day and I will be fulfilled by the end of it. And that requires sleep. So, goodnight.

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